The theme of the Isola Design Festival, which was held during Milano Design Week and was the sixth time this year, was "Together as one". It is an event where many designers exhibit at the same time to stimulate the relationship between exhibitors and visitors and share ideas and knowledge. In this article, I will introduce the places I stopped by in Isola District.
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Isola Design Gallery

A gallery that displays furniture, art, and products made using various techniques such as handmade and handcrafted by individual designers and design studios, and 3D printing.

This gallery space is the center of the suburbs of Isola, where design collectors, enthusiasts and scouts gather for new shapes, unconventional materials, challenging designs and custom furniture.

After passing through the big gates along the road, there was a gallery booth in the space where the Isola apartments were lined up, and it was a very nice place.

See the link below for a list of designers and studios participating in this exhibition.


From here, I will pick up and introduce what I paid attention to in the exhibition of Isola Design Gallery.


新工芸舎/Shinkogeisha is a design studio that produces products using 3D printing technology and plastic resin, which is a digital fabrication based in Kyoto.

The main product series "tilde" and "nosemono" are lined up in this exhibition.

Shinkogeisha Booth


A product series made by a hot-melting 3D printer. It uses a special technique to create a product by melting the resin and layering it like knitting.

Cylindrical trays and figurines. If you look closely, you can see that the three colors are neatly stacked and that they are "knitted".
Clock, pen, radio. The AA battery-powered portable AM / FM radio stands out for its compact cuteness that is easy to handle along with its monochromatic texture.
A lamp shade that uses the technique of "openwork knitting" to make the stacking angle as shallow as possible. The way the light leaks changes depending on the viewing angle, and you can feel the atmosphere very much.


Use a natural object as a pedestal, and put a tool created by 3D scanning the natural object on the pedestal on it.”nosemono”series. Rather than transforming nature into a standardized form, it is composed with the idea of being close to nature from the artificial one (from the official explanation of nosemono).

Clocks and cellophane tapes on stones. The part of the tool stood in a shape that firmly meshed with the unevenness of the stone. Separation from the stone was easy by hand.

Object Density

A design studio based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.Object Densitycreates artistic objects that build on research and cultural narratives to convey sustainability and community values. Create new value by using waste to extract materials from conscious processes and contexts.

The lens Luminaire collection

Artwork with incomplete spectacle lenses. The unique beauty and unique distortion of each piece was emphasized by the reflection and transmission of light that illuminates the work.


Cecilia Yoko Emy

Ceiliais an artist and furniture designer based in Brooklyn, New York. Her work is not necessarily functional furniture, but has art or sculptural features inspired by light colors and large shapes.

Tri-color Chair

Tri-color Chairis inspired by the yellow pill-shaped pole on the New York Subway.

A vivid three-color interior chair. With indoor use in mind, it eliminates the high functionality of bus stop benches and bike racks found in the city, and incorporates their formal language: bright colors, soft curves and corners, weight, and mass. Work and understanding.

Juliana Maurer

Juliana Maureris an artist and designer in Berlin. He always focuses on the protagonist and guiding material of the work, and takes the approach of seeking unpredictable results by mixing the possibilities and impossibility of control.


It presents her connection with something that is born by bringing it in from the outside. Take part of nature home.SternaIs a hand-blown glass carafe that takes advantage of the thermal function of natural soapstone. All are handmade and each piece has its own characteristics.

A decanter that rides on the unevenness of stones.

Valena Ammon

Valena Ammonis a German-based designer who creates works that are especially conscious of surface, texture, and tactile sensation in the field of ceramics.

Support Structure – A Functional Ornament

ThisThe vessels, the series expresses the beauty of 3D-printed surface layers and presents the possibility of creating new shapes by fabrication using clay. Some of the slants needed to support the structure could not be printed without folding, but by studying the weak points of the structure and shape throughout the project, we have made possible changes to objects that could not be printed.

A 3D-printed jar with surface swells as a decoration.

Bosco Verticle

Bosco VerticleBoeri Studiois a landmark apartment or condo byBoeri Studio.

Parco Biblioteca degli AlberiStanding on the side of a big park, residential areas and office areas are mixed, and it was a very attractive atmosphere with calm time flowing on a sunny day.

Bosco Verticle

BAM/Parco Biblioteca degli Alberi (Library of Trees Park)

It is a large park with beautifully laid grass, such as a playground with playset for children, a dog area, and a relaxation area with wooden chaise longues. It was a warm landscape design and cityscape that gave visitors peace of mind and enjoyment.


Smile Bench

Produced with 3D printing byCaracol、デザイナーのLuca PinottiPietro Bonuit is a collaboration project.

Smile Benchis a project born of reflection on the theme of inclusiveness to close the distance, approach, confront and share our uniqueness. This bench is a place where you can not only sit together but also feel the energy of the people around you.

Cafe Gorilla

I had lunch on this day at the bistro bar, a friendly space in Isola porta nuova. It seems that there is a wide variety of Italian plate menus and a wide variety of wines.

It was an open and lively place on the park side of BAM.



カナダでインテリアデザインを勉強中の学生。グラフィックデザイン、3DCG、Photo Zineなど制作。


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