I will introduce the HHKB keyboard, MIWAX desk mat, and Logi mouse that I am currently using, focusing on their functions and design.
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Although the initial investment cost is unparalleled, about 36,000 yen, HHKB is a keyboard with great benefits. I bought it after hearing a strong recommendation from a friend.This HHKB keyboard,I'm going to give you a point to recommend.


  • "Type-S" key structure: The finest key structure with quietness and a comfortable hitting feeling while being soft to press.
  • ・Due to the tight engagement of the drive unit, there is less chance of hitting the wrong key even during high-speed typing, enabling more stable typing.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth, 4 devices can be registered
  • Although the cross key is eliminated, it can be set with the function key
  • In the type with the name HYBRID, in addition to the DIP switch that can change the assignment of the control key, the key can be changed with official software (changed settings are saved in the keyboard itself)
  • The HYBRID model is powered by AA batteries instead of the built-in battery, so there is no need to worry about battery deterioration.
  • If even the rubber dome of the key that deteriorates is maintained in units of several years, it can be used semi-permanently while maintaining its functionality.



  • Two colors of black and white of the chic coloring
  • Minimalistic design with 60 keys
  • Compact and stylish design of about 500g that does not take up space and is suitable for carrying around


  • The cross key is not initially installed and the key layout is different from other mechanical keyboards, so you need to get used to it
  • With the HYBRID type, the batteries protrude out, making it difficult to find a carrying case that fits the size of the keyboard.

As an advice, if you buy it on Amazon Prime, you can return it within a month, so you may want to think about it after purchasing it. I bought it with the feeling of trying it out, and I was impressed by the smooth feel and design that I had never felt before.

MIWAX The Cutting Mat (A2-600mmx450mm)

MIWAX The Cutting Matis used as a desk mat. Here's what drew me to this mat.


  • Due to the special processing of the surface layer, the cut marks shrink and close, making them inconspicuous.
  • The middle layer prevents the blade from penetrating
  • Resistant to warping and peeling
  • Can be used as a double-sided cutting mat


  • Variety of sizes
  • Surface grid design with 1cm and 5cm intervals
  • Grid guides for sketching and designing on tracing paper
  • Simple monotone coloring
  • Radius 3mm and four sharply processed corners blend into the space

ちなみにこのプロダクトは2016年のGood Design 100に選出されている。


Logicool MX ERGO

Previously,I usedMX Master 2SGroovemade Desk Mat'leather of the leather is rubbing and peeling off, and I want to reduce the movement of my arm,I changed MX MASTER toMX EEGO. Comparison and advantages with MX Master are below.


  • Can change hand position angle by 20% or horizontally
  • You can adjust the pointer speed with the official software LogiOption
  • Like MX Master, you can assign keys and actions to each button
  • The trackball can be removed for cleaning
  • Mouse can be registered and shared between two devices in Flow mode (3 devices can be registered with MX Master)
  • Unlike Mx Master, the scrolling part works left and right, so I assigned the left and right of the cross keyboard (because HHKB does not have a cross key)
  • Compared to MX Master, the switch button for registered devices is on the back side, but ERGO is attached below the scroll button, so if the reaction of Flow is slow, ERGO has the advantage that it is easier to switch with the button.


  • Simple design with minimal and gray color scheme like MX Master


  • ・Similar to the MX Master, the surface is mainly coated with a silicon-like material, so it is difficult to clean if sebum or dust remains.




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